View Full Version : Toyo 45A with 90mm lens

tim atherton
18-Aug-1998, 23:27
Anyone use the Toyo 45A with 90mm lenses. Is this a problem. Are the shifts stil l useable etc. Can you use the standard board or do you need a recessed one?


Tim A

Mike Long
19-Aug-1998, 01:42
I use a 90mm F8 with my AX. The only limit with a non-recessed board is that, af ter about 1/2" of rise, I get a little nervous about the binding of the bellows. Shift and swing, to the cameras limits, do not bind.


23-Aug-1998, 19:44
I have an old 45A. The bellow is quite smooth and with a 90mm lens, it's still o k to use full rise and fall. I have a 25.4mm recessed board but it so awkward to use that I prefer the standard board. If you need extra rise, which is often the case, get a blank board and drill a s hifted hole for the shutter. You can have some problem mounting large lenses how ever if the hole is too outcentered. I have a board with 20mm "rised" hole and i t's ok for the Nikkor SW90mm f/9 but it's difficult to mount the lens. With a sm aller rise, it would be easier - just a compromise - but now, I can have a very large rise on a field camera.