View Full Version : HELP with filter holder & Schneider

18-Feb-2008, 12:44
So for my 4x10 I have
Schneider 110SS with center filter
Schneider 150SS with center filter
Schneider 305 G Claron

I also have the Lee grad ND filters (130mmx170mm)

my understanding is that I have to get the push on filter holders. Any suggestions from people who have experience using this who know what is best to do.

Dan Baumbach
18-Feb-2008, 13:05
SK Grimes can make a custom slip on holder for you. I had them make one for my 58mm Super Angulon. You'll need to send them the lens that you want the holder for.

- Dan.

18-Feb-2008, 16:38
I've used the push on holder from Lee filters which works very well but isn't particularly cheap (and you have to carry around two lee kits).