View Full Version : Free Box of Polaroid 809

Ted Harris
18-Feb-2008, 08:42
I have a box of expired but well stored 809 available free to a good cause. I would prefer that it go to someone who is going to use it for educational purposes.

Please send me an email if you are interested. Email, NOT PM please.



John Bowen
18-Feb-2008, 10:25
Hey Ted,

If you don't get any educational takers, I'd be interested. I have a calumet field processor and would enjoy exposing a few sheets of polaroid.


Walter Calahan
18-Feb-2008, 11:30
I teach photography at McDaniel College, Westminster, MD.

Would love to show my students an 8x10 Polaroid. I have the camera and processor, but never thought to spend the money to show my students a Polaroid test.

If your stuff is for free, then I can show my 31 students. Yippee.


Ted Harris
7-Mar-2008, 14:40
Im gonna ship it out Monday to the place I think it will get the best use so if you are interested speak now. Email please, not PM.