View Full Version : Attaching a Horseman back?

18-Feb-2008, 05:56
I'm confused as usual...

I have just got a Horseman 6x12 back but can't figure out how to use it / fit it.

I reaslise you have to take the GG off the camera (I'd be using it on a Chamonix 45N) and the back fits snuggly where it was but what's s'posed to hold it in place as it has no fittings to go into the sprung retainers. Is it a case of having to make something to hold it there?

In use would you compose on the GG with a home made mask over it and then remove the glass, fit the roll holder and then shoot as normal? I assume the film plane is the same as the GG?

I found the instructions elsewhere on this site but it doesn't cover the actual fitting so any help would be most appreciated.


Allen Rumme
18-Feb-2008, 08:04
This type of roll film holder is really intended to be used with a Grafloc or "international" back, one that has slide locks to secure the roll holder in place. I have used my 6x12 Horseman back on a Wista that had a spring back. The spring back could be pulled out far enough to insert the 6x12 holder. However, it strains the springs and the ground glass rests on the back of the holder. A good way to scratch or break the ground glass, both of which happened with my Wista.