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17-Feb-2008, 18:58
I went to visit my son in upstate New York a couple of weeks ago as an excuse to do some winter photography in New England. Bruce Barlow and Richard Ritter babysat myself and 2 other photographers for a couple of days wading through snow and trying not to fall through the ice. Weather washed out Friday PM, and was cloudy the rest of the time. I have posted some shots from our travels.

Image 1-one of the larger creeks north of Keene, NH
Image 2-an ice formation on Otter Creek (at least I think it was) somewhere in New Hampshire.
Image 3-waded through knee deep snow to get to this little creek beside the road to Richard Ritter's house

Other than the weather not being the best, it was a very enjoyable weekend. I came home with 35 negatives and a few new friends.

Dick Petersen

John Bowen
18-Feb-2008, 16:28

The middle image is wonderful. I've attended a few Fine Focus Workshops with Richard, Bruce & Ted Harris. They are always fun, entertaining and educational. I've never been able to make the trek for a Snow and Ice workshop, but having seen both Bruce and Richard's snow and ice images, I know it is only a matter of time before I make the journey from Richmond.