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16-Feb-2008, 14:48
Hi all. First post here...stumbled across the forum while trying to reasearch a camera I'm looking to sell, Cambo Master.

I'm a commercial food photographer and used this camera for a few years before converting over to digital and purchasing a Cambo Ultima for that purpose.

Any help with establishing a price range is greatly appreciated.

While all of my work is studio based, hope I can be a participant here, seems like a nice forum!


16-Feb-2008, 15:03
Hi, Gary. Nice to talk to a fellow food shooter. You might take a look at KEH.com and see what they are selling them for under their large format category. Also, you can look on ebay by clicking on advanced search, then entering the camera type and the category of cameras and photo and then clicking on the box that says "completed listings only". That should tell you what they have sold for in the last 30(?) days, maybe longer.

Good Luck.


16-Feb-2008, 15:11
Thanks for the quick reply Tim. I've already searched eBay...no luck finding any completed sales. Will check to see what if any info is available at KEH (which I was unaware of...)

This camera has been sitting in its case for 3 years...thought I might use it for something at some point but the reality is I've got plenty of other cameras to work with. Will be only a little sad to see it go as it served me well, but my world has definitely changed as far as the equipment I need/use.

16-Feb-2008, 15:23
I've got a similar quandry, Gary. Haven't shot my Cambo SCX in four years, but can't decide to turn loose of it yet. I shoot a lot of architecture as well and have opted for an ancient Calumet 400 wide angle series as well as my Zone VI for that purpose. But, the stability of that SCX is just too good to let go of.......yet. That thing is a dream to work with from a good camera stand.

I've bought from KEH several times and had excellent luck. In my opinion, they are generous in our favor on the "condition" evaluations. I bought a "Blad" with an A12 back and a 150mm CF Sonnar from them a few years ago in "bargain" condition. Like heck!!!! I couldn't find a scratch on them and performance has always been spot on.

They also buy and you can get a bid on line from their site.

Have a great one.