View Full Version : Goerz Magnar 6 inch/f5.6 specs?

Stewart Corman
19-Dec-2000, 09:02
I have this lens in super fine condition with clean exterior ( no brassing)in or iginal wooden box. It has been listed by Lens and Repro for $1250, so I know tha t it is a fine process lens. As I no longer am doing 4x5 work, I am planning on selling it in the near future on eBay, but cannot find any specs other than a fe w e-mails sent to me over the year. I know that it was manufactured between 1962 and 1972 by the name of the company on the label: Goerz Optical Company, Long I sland ...which was just before Schneider bought them out.

I have seen remarks that it was designed as an "enlarging" lens or for repro wor k in graphic arts. The serial number is 822785. This design has overly large gla ss elements to provide extended field of view ie minimize vignetting.

Does anyone know what magnifications this lens was designed for and any other sp ecs that might define its use better?

Thanks, Stew Corman