View Full Version : Lightstand in a Carry-on

Frank Petronio
16-Feb-2008, 07:56
What do you think my chances are of getting a single 22-inch Lowel metal lightstand strapped to the side of my backpack onto a normal domestic USA airline flight are?

Do you think the airline or the TSA would throw a fit?

Michael Graves
16-Feb-2008, 08:07
I carried on a Leitz Tiltall tripod that way. However, that was two years ago. Not sure how they'd approach that now.

David A. Goldfarb
16-Feb-2008, 08:07
No idea, but I check my tripod anyway, and it wouldn't be hard to fit a couple of lightstands along with my tripod in my tripod case. If I were to try to get a lightstand on a plane, I'd probably use one those compact Bogen stands (which is just a couple of inches shorter than your Lowel)--


--and that's not too much different from bringing a folding music stand on a plane, which seems like a relatively uncontroversial thing to do.

Frank Petronio
16-Feb-2008, 08:17
Thanks David, yeah I check stuff all the time but for a quickee I would love to just go carry-on with a minimal kit... like when I go to NYC for the day on a commuter.

And yes the Manfrotto Nano at 19 inches folded looks like the smallest stand I can find that would actually hold a small flash or Tota light...

But... it would be more lethal than a box cutter if I started swinging you know...

Walter Calahan
16-Feb-2008, 09:03
I'd wrap it in something. A small tote bag, then lash it to you pack.

Happy travels.

David Helms
23-Feb-2008, 13:33
Well to be honest...... It all depends on the TSA employees and how they feel at any specific time. You SHOULD NOT have a problem with a light stand. I would go to the TSA.GOV page and see what is currently listed. I have had my monopod taken recently and while I was discussing my position (note.. NEVER ARGUE with the TSA. You do and you get to have a nice chat with the FBI, trust me) I saw an individual carrying a tripod. I asked why he could and I couldn't and was told that it would be more difficult to swing a tripod as a weapon !!!!! Go Figure......
Easiest airport for me so far has been Atlanta and Grand Junction Co. Hardest has been Philadelphia and Orlando.
Best of luck!

25-Feb-2008, 14:41
Another option for travel is to ship your gear via FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.. to your start local. Some hotels will take packages and hold them for you (sometimes for a fee) for a day or two. Though it is best to check this out when one is making reservations. This eliminates having to deal with TSA on your gear, and as a bonus your equipment can be insured when shipping to cover its loss if that was to occur. Often you can time it to show on the day you arrive. It is more expensive, but the peace of mind while traveling makes it worthwhile in my book.