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15-Feb-2008, 15:13
Been lurking here awhile but got a spare moment today to type an introduction.

Been working in photography field since the mid eighties. I have spent time working at wet labs, portrait studios, and the last 15 years as a civilan photographer for the military here in Alaska. I started large format photography back in 91 with a beat up used Wista 4x5 (that I still have today). Though for the last 10 years I have been primaraly using digital with DSLR's. Starting with Kodak DSLR's in 96.. and currently using a Canon EOS 1D Mark III for my work. Now having said that, my personal equipment is still all film as I never found working with digital gave me quite the quality that my film cameras did. But for some reason I mostly have been using my medium format and 35mm and have let my view camera collect dust. So just this last month I dusted off my Wista (after not using it at all for at last 8 years) and decided that I missed working with a view camera. As all of my best landscape images I feel were shot with it.

So here I am.. looking around to see what changes have occured in the LF field in the last 10 years, as honestly I have not kept up with those very changes. I see there are new manufactures as well as some older ones of view camera's to choose from today. As well as the recent announcement that Polaroid is phazing out there insta film products. Anyway... I probably won't post much, but will spend spare time researching and asking the occasional question about some of the newer products from time to time. And thanks to the forum hosts for providing this location for exchanging thoughts, ideas, etc.. on large format photography.

Henry Ambrose
15-Feb-2008, 18:34

There's been lots of interest in bigger cameras the last few years - I think partly as a reaction to our modern lives. Sounds like you'll fit right in.

15-Feb-2008, 18:38
Thanks for the welcome. I hope I can contribute as well as learn on these forums.

Wayne Crider
15-Feb-2008, 19:46
Welcome from sunny Florida. (Talk about the exact opposite of Alaska.) Anyways fire up that camera and post a few good ones when you get the chance. Love to see more picks of wherever your at.

19-Feb-2008, 12:46
Welcome Aahx,

it's nice to see another Wista camera user here. The forum has quite a few ;)

PS - is it cold there?

19-Feb-2008, 15:40
Nah.. it is a balmy 25F to 35F today.. check out www.noaa.gov and type in 99577 for zipcode to check it out.

EDIT: Oh... and I am ordering a Chamonix this week so get it in time to test on my Yellowstone trip in September. Though the Wista has been good to me, something with a bit firmer of a rear standard will be helpfull for my work landscape work. I eventualy am going to need a metal rail 4x5 for my studio work, as the Wista wood field leaves a bit to be desired in that department. But finances dont allow me the luxury of a Arca F metric, or Toyo VX125 at this time.

Ralph Barker
19-Feb-2008, 18:02
Welcome to the LF Forum, Soren.

John Kasaian
20-Feb-2008, 02:53
Welcome aboard!