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Frank Petronio
15-Feb-2008, 13:22
Planning a trip in late Spring -- does anybody know of any really interesting adobe hotel or B&B type places that are either very strange/funky/cool OR genuinely rustic and authentic (wood heat and all that)?

Just trying to avoid the sort of faux Southwestern type stuff...

15-Feb-2008, 14:28
let me ponder that one.

where in NM ?

Frank Petronio
15-Feb-2008, 14:32
i don't care really, going to just drive 1000 miles lol

I do like Las Vegas (New Mexico) but it's all good out there

15-Feb-2008, 15:43
I really like Chama in northern NM. I remember some cool little cabins along a stream that were a great place to stay. Can't remember the name, but they weren't hard to find--Chama is pretty small.

Warren Clark
15-Feb-2008, 17:59
See ojocalientehotsprings.com--great place to stay and interesting surroundings
to photograph. A wide variety of accommodations and a decent restaurant.
About an hour north of Santa Fe. One of my favorite spots in N.M.

Brian Schall
15-Feb-2008, 19:24
you could try the Bear Mountain Lodge near Silver City: http://www.bearmountainlodge.com/

It's owned by the Nature Conservancy. I've never been there but it looks really cool. And it's authentic.

Wayne Crider
15-Feb-2008, 19:27
Did you try going to N.M.'s web site and looking around. Maybe you'll run across something..

Frank Petronio
15-Feb-2008, 20:30
Of course if we retire there I might turn it into a Red state ;-P thanks for the help

Kind of looking for something very Georgia O'Keefe-ish, adobe and all... Edward Weston in the 1930s, etc.

Ted Harris
15-Feb-2008, 21:21
Magdalena, there used to be a truly funky cinder block motel there. Gotta be the funkiest I have ever been in. Don't know if it is still there

Ralph Barker
16-Feb-2008, 09:18
Of course if we retire there I might turn it into a Red state ;-P thanks for the help

Kind of looking for something very Georgia O'Keefe-ish, adobe and all... Edward Weston in the 1930s, etc.

There are already a few pockets of red in the sea of blue. ;)

For your trip, Frank, I'd suggest first deciding on whether you want to "headquarter" someplace, and do day trips from there, or move from area to area, taking your bags with you. That will help focus your search.

There are quite a few good Web sites linked from the NM site: http://www.newmexico.gov/visiting.php

For maximum funk, you could always camp at Chaco or Bisti. After a couple of days without a shower, everyone becomes funky. ;)

George Stewart
16-Feb-2008, 11:44
Not quite what you’re looking for but nice! http://www.starhillinn.com Central location to Santa Fe and Taos. It is near LasVegas.

Doug Dolde
16-Feb-2008, 11:47
Why don't you stay with Donald Rumsfeld? A man of your own heart (or lack thereof).

Frank Petronio
16-Feb-2008, 12:28
or Dan Rather, his neighbor ;-)

Nathan Potter
16-Feb-2008, 15:22
Frank, I'll second Ojocaliente for some funkyness. You'll like the hot springs there. It could be hot (90's) in the late spring.

Nate Potter

Jim Ewins
16-Feb-2008, 16:24
But would they rent to an eastener esp a New Yarker?

Frank Petronio
16-Feb-2008, 16:31
I'm a WESTERN New Yorker lol

5 acres, I can see cows out the window, own a tractor

Ralph Barker
16-Feb-2008, 17:15
One drawback to NM is that we don't have a Tractor Supply store here. ;)

16-Feb-2008, 17:30
Chama has about 5 feet of snow right now. Not a good idea.

I would certainly think about the El Rey in Santa Fe. Not sure of price though.

I am sure there are a few places on Central Ave (route 66) in Albuquerque that are still pretty funk. Hell they probably charge by the hour too.

Henry Ambrose
16-Feb-2008, 21:24
I am sure there are a few places on Central Ave (route 66) in Albuquerque that are still pretty funk. Hell they probably charge by the hour too.

Sounds like Frank's kind of place.

16-Feb-2008, 21:35
look into Abiquiu. Georgia O'Keeffe-land had a house there and that's where Ghost Ranch is.

17-Feb-2008, 04:22
Laughing Horse Inn:


The pictures and description don't begin to describe its "quirkiness." My father, a buttoned down business type at the time, almost walked out when he saw the accommodation's I'd made for him there. My mother, a more free-spirited 60's type, loved it.

Raymond Bleesz
17-Feb-2008, 06:40

In Taos, the La Fonda Hotel in the historic plaza is a very old established hotel with adobe history in abundance. The hotel is a museum in itself. I would suggest Taos over Santa Fe if you looking for authenticity & rustic.

Raymond in Vail

steve simmons
17-Feb-2008, 07:42
There is a La Fonda Hotel on the plaza in Santa Fe. Is there also one in Taos?

The Galisteo Inn in Galisteo might be worth considering. You might also see if there is lodging in Dixon which is halfway between SF and Taos.

Chaco is worth visiting but to stay there you have to camp. The closest town with any decent lodging is Grants which is too far for an in and out one day session at Chaco.

Chama has the old narrow guage train yard and depot. It has been cleaned up a little from a few years ago and access in the engine shop is restricted unles you can get special permission. The interesting lodging in Chame is old cabins along the river on the southside of town.

Gallup probably has some interesting lodging. There is an old hotel that used to be home to the movie stars coming in to film the westerns. There is some red rock country around Gallup if you hit the ligth right. Gallup itself can be a tough town.. But from Gallup it is ony about 2 hours to Canyon de Chelly.

steve simmons

17-Feb-2008, 08:03
I'm a bit out of date but there used to be some lovely B&Bs in Taos that just reeked of NM atmosphere. There must be a web site for them...


Mike Castles
17-Feb-2008, 09:20
There is a LaFonda hotel in Taos (but who knew)...Taos would be one of my first picks for funkie. Maybe try the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, a B&B, since that is where many of the greats were introduced to each other - If I recall correctly, that's where Adams met Paul Strand.

Doug Dolde
17-Feb-2008, 19:24
It would almost be worth a trip to NM to get some of that real New Mexican cuisine.

Tex-Mex doesn't come close.

18-Feb-2008, 02:05
Here is a list of Taos-based B&Bs:


I stayed at the Stewart House. I don't think it's quite what you're looking for but it isn't kitschy, has great food and is comfortable. Another interesting place to stay that I visited was at the Dobson House. It is also not quite what you're looking for and it sounded like their rates were up there but it is interesting. Sorry I don't know about any authentic places although I'd be interested. I love New Mexico.

Raymond Bleesz
18-Feb-2008, 05:19
Attn: Steve--Yes, there is a La Fonda in both Taos & Santa Fe. Do not know their relationship, however, over the years I have had contact with both, and I think the one in Taos is much more "rustic" & interesting, historically.

In the late '70's, early 80's, I did a portrait of the proprietor's mother, a elderly Greek woman, who always sat in the lobby---- Her name perhaps was/is Madame Karavas (sp?). She was a most interesting woman who dressed very uniquely--part Euro/part Indian/western, and she spent her days in the lobby addressing guests. Hotel guests expected to see her, and she had a sharp mind.

Taos of course has a long history of artistic connections---The Taos Art Colony of Blumenschein, DH Lawrence & Frieda, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Laura Giplin, Dennis Hopper--and on. The La Fonda lobby has a very unique collection of art.

Raymond, In Vail