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15-Feb-2008, 12:40
hi guys -what a nice site this is -im retired and into the very old ways -not much call for normal photography in the desert where i retired too -live alone and my budget allows for some experimentation-im more of a lab rat like to mix this with that -my crazy equiptment is only around so i can have an outlet for my brews-i decide to go big as its just like painting when it comes to my emulsions -i can put them on anything -my budget is very small and after many searchs i have it down to a simple process -if i was young like eastman was long ago maybe i would want to get into fast film but i am slow and in no hurry so when it comes to taking apicture or making emulsions my coffee breaks take most of my time.i enjoy life very happy doing this -it is fun -but if u have a life -wife or kids ur in trouble-the desert has pretty things and toxic things -emulsions sensitivity depends are secert goodies that kodak discovered long ago -one is allyl isothiocyante -mustard oil-yes those cows from peru eastman checked out and found they was eating wild mustard-so yea sulfur was the secret-i found that interesting -so i check out dangerous wild plants that most hate and do an syrange extraction and start my emulsions with it and see what happens--emulsion doesnt have to be fast -panchromatism gets u lots of grays btut hats to me gives a washede out effect and it looks dull -besides idf u enter a contest and those old judges are half blind odds are they will be arrtarcted to something that jumps out at them like contrast -dont u feel sorry for them when they have to get close -anyway this is my world may go on the road
-around america setting upmy stuff on some mountain top and doing my thing -take car -excuse the mistakes

15-Feb-2008, 13:40
Welcome to the site. For an oldtimer, u sure text like a teenager. :) So you make your own emulsion using random extracts from local poisonous plants? Cool. If you can figure out a way to post some images of your experiments, we'd love to see 'em.

Ralph Barker
15-Feb-2008, 14:48
yesIhadtroublereadingyourtexttoo, butwelcomeanywayandgoodluckwithyourexperiments ;)

Wayne Crider
15-Feb-2008, 20:10
Welcome glass plate'r. Keep us tuned in, and love the hear more and see some stuff.

16-Feb-2008, 01:52
so i check out dangerous wild plants that most hate

Neurotoxic plants by any chance?

16-Feb-2008, 15:31
experimenting on plates is sorta fun while intoxicated


Michael Roberts
1-Mar-2008, 05:39
How big is a mammoth these days?

kev curry
9-Mar-2008, 13:09
Takermaker is this the sort of thing you use with your 'brews' .........?