View Full Version : Cost of a Phillips Explorer?

15-Feb-2008, 04:32
Does anyone know how much the estimable Mr Phillips is charging for an 8x10 Explorer these days? I could phone him but there's a lot of wire and five or six timezones between us.



15-Feb-2008, 07:04
Dick has pretty much just sold all of the Explorers of his last batch already and the one that haven't been shipped are spoken for I believe. The camera has a starting price of $2630 and goes up from there depending on what you want as custom features (i.e. gridded ground glass or lens hood mount). If you want one, you should contact him because he may know of anyone selling an Explorer, but like me, most people are in love with them when they arrive.

15-Feb-2008, 07:14
Hi Nelson. Thanks for your answer. Actually I'm getting ready to be a seller rather than a buyer. I've decided that there's something morally broken in allowing such a beautiful camera to gather dust when someone could be getting good use of it. I bought mine nine or ten years back and I had no idea what it might be worth. Your answer at least gives me an idea of magnitude.



17-Feb-2008, 11:56
not that i know what its worth, but i just paid $2200 incuding shipping/paypal fees for a phillips 8x10 explorer (never used + bought oct 2006).