View Full Version : How big is a #5 shutter hole?

Dave Aharonian
14-Feb-2008, 22:08
I've been curious about some older lenses I've been seeing for sale and a number of them are in a #5 shutter. Can anyone tell me the size of the hole needed to mount such a beast, and will this fit within a sinar size lensboard? I'm shooting with a Shen-Hao 8x10. Thanks for any info!


David Karp
14-Feb-2008, 23:06

Ole Tjugen
15-Feb-2008, 00:21
Just look at the thread size for Compound #5 in the link in my signature. The big Compounds come with flanges, so add about 2mm diameter to the hole.

Dave Aharonian
15-Feb-2008, 10:12
Thanks guys - this is just what I needed!