View Full Version : Polaroid 545I on Graphic View Spring Back

Matt Erck
14-Feb-2008, 19:39
I believe this will work, but am I mistaken? I have tried to read up on here, but would hate to have overlooked something.

This appears to be a decent option for polaroid shots on a 4x5.

I have a Graphic View II with a spring back (I believe).

I'm hoping shooting polaroid will help be learn the format as I am coming from dSLR and have never really shot film of any significance.

14-Feb-2008, 22:47
You're right on all counts. The 545i will fit fine in your GVII and it is a great way to learn LF and movements. But you better hurry as Polaroid film will be hard to get soon (or so it looks).

There could be one caveat. There was a "Graflex" back made for the GV. It's rare but out there. On this back you have to remove the focus panel in order to use any film holder. If you have that one, the 545I won't fit. But it is quite rare...

Matt Erck
15-Feb-2008, 04:32
How do I determine if I have a Graflex back or not? Is Graflex the same as "Spring Back"?

Dave Parker
15-Feb-2008, 07:20
The Graflex back has two sliders that much be removed to place a film holder on the back, it does not have springs and the ground glass panel does not tilt out form the back like a normal spring back. You can not put any type of film holder under the focus panel on the graflex back. The chances of you having a graflex back are very low as they are quite rare, especially on the View models.

15-Feb-2008, 09:22
You better buy some Polaroid film quick, because this is the beginning of the end. You may want to hold off a few weeks on the holder because there's going to be a lot of free ones.