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22-Feb-2001, 12:49
This is from the B&W list. Thought I'd cross-post it here as it's probably of m ore interest to LF shooters. Also, after Kodak seeming to shrug off LF B&W user s it's very nice to see that Ilford is (and has been, for some time) stepping up to the plate! Thanks, Wendy!

Cheers, Mark Parsons


This is not a question but an information post- we get a lot of requests for pan oramic sheet film sizes- please delete this post if it is not appropriate for th is list- just trying to get this info to the people who may want to know about i t. W. ILFORD Imaging is proud to announce that it is bringing back four differen t panoramic sheet sizes of ILFORD HP5 PLUS Professional Film in the U.S. and Can ada. In addition to the standard 4? x 5?, 5? x 7?, 8? x 10? and 11? x 14? film s izes which are stock items, HP5 PLUS Film will soon be available in 7? x 17?(Cat # 170 7043;), 8? x 20?(Cat# 178 6024;) , 12 x 20? (Cat#170 7052) and 14? x 17?(C at#190 0589). ILFORD is also offering HP5 PLUS in sizes of 16? x 20?(Cat# 187 17 88) and 20? x 24? (172 1124) as limited stock with lower minimums, by special or der through ILFORD dealers. These films should be in dealer stock in MARCH, 2001 - check with your local ILFORD dealer for details. Kind regards, ILFORD IMAGING Usa Inc Wendy Erickson Monochrome and Consumer Digital Products M ananger, The Americas wendy.erickson@ilford.com

-- Wendy Erickson (wendy.erickson@ilford.com), February 19, 2001 ****************************

Stewart Ethier
22-Feb-2001, 13:34
Kodak and Bergger films are available too. The list below is from Wisner.com


20x24 tri-x 1675933 cat number sug. price $408, 9 boxes

portra 400np color neg, 10 sh., 8342263 cat#, 15bx $672.10

16x20 catalog number 1685858, 34 boxes, $115.45/box (10 sheet)

12x20 tri-x 1616713, 25 sheet, $207.10, 18 boxes

8x20 tri-x 1431816, 10 sheet, $58.70, 67 boxes

7x17 tri-x 1431790, 10 sheets, $44.15, 89 boxes

11x14 tri-x 1431659, 10 sheets, $56.25, 69 boxes

ektachrome 100 (epn) 1200112, 10 sh., $223.45, 46 boxes

ektrachrome 64 (epr) 1225366, 10 sh., $238.65, 1 box

ektrachome 100plus prof. (epp) 8133381, 10sh, $223.45, 46 boxes

Portra 100t color neg tung. 8050585, 10sh, $201.85, 46 boxes


Bergger Film

4x5 $18.50

4x10 $29.98

5x7 $28.00

8x10 $60.00

11x14 $115.00

7x17 $92.50

8x20 $118.50

12x20 $178.00

14x17 $189.00

20x24 $365.00


22-Feb-2001, 14:51
All this stuff, in all these oddball sizes, and they can't/won't make it in good old 3 1/4x4 1/4.

22-Feb-2001, 15:18
True, Bill, but you could cut 48 of them from one sheet of 20x24!


22-Feb-2001, 15:20
Oops, bad math (I was thinking 20x30). Guess you could only get 30 of them from a 20x24. So much for that.


22-Feb-2001, 18:18
I'd have to use a glass cutter. They are talking about glass plates, right? Nobody in his right mind would use a piece of film that big without a vacuum holder. I can see it now: "Camera Made by Wisner, a division of Electrolux." Long, long damn extension cords for landscape work.