View Full Version : R. O. Co #3 Excelsior - Information Please?

Don Dudenbostel
11-Feb-2008, 19:44
About twelve years ago I purchased a Seneca 11x14 camera with a nice brass lens. One day I'll get a new bellows for the camera and referb it but for now I'm looking for information on the lens that came with it. I've searched the forums and the web with no luck. It's marked R. O. Co #3 Excelsior. It's about 4 inches long and the flange is about 2-1/4 inches. The lens is brass and has a slot for waterhouse stops. It seems to cover 11x14 and about 10 inches FL. Overall conditiond of the lens is excellent.

Any information is appreciated.

Pat Hilander
12-Feb-2008, 09:36
SeRoCo maybe? That brand was sold by Sears Roebuck Company. Made by different American lenses companies and re-branded for Sears catalogs. Just a guess, can you post some picture of the lens?

Mark Sampson
12-Feb-2008, 10:25
R. O. Co. = Rochester Optical Co. ? They made lots of cameras and lenses 100 years back.

Don Dudenbostel
12-Feb-2008, 13:25
I'm getting ready to leave town but will be back Monday and should have some time to make a few images of the lens and with the lens. I'll post them.

Thanks for the thoughts.


13-Feb-2008, 19:28
1896 Rochester OPtical Co Catalogue




Don Dudenbostel
20-Feb-2008, 10:27
Thanks very much for the information. Now to expose some film.