View Full Version : Linhof Rollex 120 film back

11-Feb-2008, 07:07
Need some help if possible
Has anyone repaired one of the above ?

thank you


Bob Salomon
11-Feb-2008, 07:52
Just to be sure. Rollex or Super Rollex?

Vick Ko
11-Feb-2008, 08:29
Yes, very straightforward but tricky to get it reassembled properly without binding the mechanism.

What's problem are you having?


11-Feb-2008, 09:35
I'm not sure
Its the one with brown covering
Think its a super rollex
Came with a Linhof Color
Problem is with the button (arrow) release mechanism when trying to wind on


Peter K
11-Feb-2008, 14:31
the Super-Rollex works only with a film inside and when the body is closed. Without film and open you cannot move the button with the arrow.
Be careful with dismanteling, specially with the clutch of the handle. With older models it's a helical spring. When this spring is broken, the whole clutch has to be replaced in the factory.
Peter K

David A. Goldfarb
11-Feb-2008, 14:40
Rollex backs have a knob wind, and Super-Rollex backs have a lever wind.

Rollex backs have frame spacing problems with some modern films, because of the way they are designed and changes in the thickness of films and film backing, so they aren't necessarily worth fixing, if they have some other problem. Super-Rollex backs don't have this problem, so they generally are worth fixing.

11-Feb-2008, 14:41

thank you

It does (or did) all you say - but half way through a film it jammed and will not wind on
I have taken the film out - I was only using one as a test wind - but it will not wind


Bob Salomon
11-Feb-2008, 14:50
Are you in the USA? If so Marflex can repair them, or at least most of them, depending on age and model. Some Super Rollex backs may no longer have parts availability.

12-Feb-2008, 11:25
No I'm in the UK

thanks anyway