View Full Version : help. another "what is this?" 8x10 film holder/contact frame

11-Feb-2008, 06:48
hi all,
i got another item i am not sure how it works. it looks like a standard film holder on one side and a contact frame on the other. it has glass in it and the bottom flap is fixed (it does not flap:) )

how and why do i use it?



Glenn Thoreson
11-Feb-2008, 06:59
I think that's a Kodak/Graflex pressure film holder. I think.....

Peter K
11-Feb-2008, 07:04
Hi Eddie,
that's a single plate holder. In your third pic it's open. Remove the glass and insert a photographic plate with the emulsion side down. Close the holder with the two metal pieces and you can take the picture.

Jim Galli
11-Feb-2008, 09:36
Kodak made glass plates for scientific use for many years. A glass plate is a perfect registered known plane. I hope some of the collodion guys will comment whether these are useable for that process.

11-Feb-2008, 10:58
I have several of these -- I believe that they are to keep film perfectly flat in the camera -- a glass plate would not be registered properly if used in place of the glass that is there...too close to the lens relative to the GG. The down side is that there are two more surfaces to get dust on...not forgetting the possibility of scratches (so use out in the field is a little dicier.)

But they also make good contact printing frames.


Petzval Paul
11-Feb-2008, 18:53
I am pretty sure that is what Robb Kendrick uses for making tintypes. You can see on his website, there is a video where he seems to be loading one of these in his 8 x 10 (the two springs give it away). Glass plates, however, are thicker and - as mentioned above - may not fit. I have no personal experience with these but I think it would pretty ideal for calotype negs, provided the chemicals didn't react with metals.

- Paul

Jim Jones
12-Feb-2008, 17:49
I've never used one of these, but suspect it may be for using halftone screens to make halftone photos.