View Full Version : Phillips Explorer 10x8 (and show your camera)

10-Feb-2008, 11:52
Hi all,
new to the forum. Just got hold of a Phillips Explorer 10x8, never been used. First shoot with it today (2 sheets of b&w and 2 sheets of colour).

I have to say, the camera is incredible! Need to get hold of a better tripod, and a better loupe to make the most of it. So nice to able to carry stuff around without worrying about the weight!

Anyway, here's me and my camera! Will add some pics when i've developed them!


10-Feb-2008, 13:28
If that was me in the photo--I'd be smiling, that's for sure. :) Congrats on the new camera, Dave.

10-Feb-2008, 13:49
i was stressing waiting for a horse rider to clear the frame just as i was about to click the shutter! :) and i dont like photos of myself!

John Bowen
10-Feb-2008, 14:51
Welcome to the forum and have fun with your new toy

10-Feb-2008, 15:47
It looks more like an 8x10 to me!

10-Feb-2008, 18:31
well, seeing as im from the UK.. i look at it as 10" across 8" down..

Christopher Breitenstein
10-Feb-2008, 22:06
I propose a new form rule; going back to the days of primary school.

No showing off a new camera unless you have one for everybody.

Just kidding. Congrats on the new camera.

Gordon Moat
11-Feb-2008, 00:19
Congrats on the camera. I have been using a smaller camera, though the weight is probably close to that of your Phillips. This is a Shen-Hao HZX45A-II with a Holmes, Booth & Haydens (http://hbh.gordonmoat.com) 1/4 plate lens mounted. The lens on the table next to that is a much more modern 135mm that I use for most of my work. Anyway, let's see other peoples cameras.


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