View Full Version : Screw driver size for Master Technika GG clips?

Arne Norris
9-Feb-2008, 13:44
I have a Master Technika with what appears to be the 6 black OEM screws and clips holding on the ground glass. I want to remove the GG but can't find a screw driver to fit. The width of the blade is about 5-6mm wide but the slot is much narrower than 1mm. In comparison a regular 3/16" slotted screw driver is about the same width but fits a much wider slot.

I'm assuming this must be some sort of 5 or 6mm precision type slotted screw driver?

Local hardware stores and so forth don't have anything. I'm hoping someone can tell me the correct size so I can order it online.


Ralph Barker
9-Feb-2008, 14:06
I don't have a Technika, but it sounds like you need a set of jeweler's screwdrivers. Some hardware stores carry them, and they are available at most precision tool sources.

9-Feb-2008, 15:39
To get a perfect fit, you will have to grind a screwdriver to match the slot. Grind slowly, and keep it cool so you don't soften the metal.

Bob Salomon
9-Feb-2008, 15:46
I use a Starett jewler's screw driver. The largest size that they make.

Brian Ellis
9-Feb-2008, 20:59
You don't need a precision instrument for this. I've done it twice with Technikas and I just used a small screwdriver from a set of small screwdrivers you can buy at Home Depot or any decent hardware store. My set contains six screwdrivers ranging in size from 1/32 to 9/64. I think I used the 9/64 on the Technikas. This isn't a difficult project, if I can do it anybody can. Just make sure you keep track of where each of the thin metal pieces and the screws came from.

Brian Ellis
9-Feb-2008, 21:05
Sorry, I just checked and the set of screwdrivers I have didn't come from a hardware store, they're labelled "Radio Shack."

10-Feb-2008, 08:53
Sears craftsman tools has some nice precision screwdrivers that won't break the tip under a load like the $10 sets you see at Radio Shack. I use a phillips size #00 x 40 that works nice for most camera repair work. You can also get sets with #0 and #000. Sears sells them in sets and individually.

You could also drag your Technika into a local Sears and check which one fits. Most of the precision screwdrivers are not packaged. I would do this if it is possible

10-Feb-2008, 09:02
One other note - In addition to my Craftsman screwdrivers, I have a couple German made Wiha precision screwdrivers. I have one #00 that I have owned for 15 years and used to bust lose many lens mounts on my Nikons for repair. The tips still look new and are not damaged.