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Irwin Cua
21-Feb-2001, 20:02
Just got my colored contact print from the lab and noticed there were like bluis h blobs and streaks coming from the lower edge extending to the middle part of t he print. I had 4 shots taken of the same subject and the pattern is identical for all shot. Some were more noticable than the others because they were a bit overexposed. I never had this problem before with my black and white negatives, there were no light leaks present. Just wanted to find out if this could be a processing error by the lab. Can a leak cause a bluish blob? Thanks in advance


John H. Henderson
22-Feb-2001, 11:47
Any chance you can scan it and post it here? From what you describe, it could be a light leak. If it were a processing problem with the chemicals, I would think the same pattern on four different prints would be odd. There could be a light leak in the lab's equipment. I would think (hope) that someone in the lab looked at them and would recognize if they had a problem.

What format is this? Is there one negative printed on each paper sheet, or several negatives to a paper sheet (like 4 4x5's arrayed on an 8x10?)

Irwin Cua
22-Feb-2001, 12:35
I had the 4 4x5 negatives printed on one 8x10 paper. I never had any problems with light leak before in my B/W negatives. I checked my camera for leaks but just noticed a few pinholes at the bellows. Aside from that, I don't see any major leaks.