View Full Version : question for Osaka/Tachihara owners

8-Feb-2008, 10:26
I recently purchased a used Osaka as my first LF camera. I have now noticed that the rear standard has some play in it when the rear tilt is set, with the play being in the two screws that secure the bottom of the standard. Is that normal? The back will definitely flex some when I am inserting a film holder, but I assume/hope that it will perhaps return to the postion it was in when I was focusing after the film holder has been inserted.

If it is not normal, is there some fix possible?

Ralph Barker
8-Feb-2008, 13:06
I'm not completely clear on where you are experiencing play, and in which directions. On my 8x10 Tachihara, there is what appears to be a nylon washer between the outer bracket and the inner plate at each of the two pivot points to take up most of the slack, but still allow smooth movement. It is possible that if your Osaka is constructed in the same way, those bushing washers may have become worn and may need replacement. If so, you should be able to find a suitable replacement at your local hardware store.

8-Feb-2008, 16:58
I am also a bit unclear what's happening, but the rear standard doesn't have any "play" when everything is locked down.

The two screws that attach the rear standard to the black metal "base" (one on each side next to the knobs for swing lock if that's what you refer to) may be loose or need new washers as Ralph suggests. Or the rear standard can wobble a little if the two round knobs for rear slide lock (under the black metal base) are not tightened down.

8-Feb-2008, 17:21
OK, I tightened the two screws that attach the rear standard to the black base. These are the screws that the standard pivots around when the camera is folded up. I believe they are the screws both of you are talking about.

That helped eliminate the play I was seeing at that point, but now I am finding some play in the "C-clamping" of the black base of the standard onto the bed. I notice that the bottom of each of the "C-clamps" has two small screws that my be designed to eliminate that play. Actually on one side the rear screw hole appears to just be filled with something, no screw head is visible.

I'm getting a bad feeling about this, but maybe I'm just expecting too much rigidity of this camera...

john borrelli
8-Feb-2008, 18:13
The tilt pivot arms should be attached to the sides of the camera by a thin wire that acts like a spring to provide the tension to help avoid play. Are these intact? They sometimes break and need to be refastened to the camera.

8-Feb-2008, 21:05
The "c-clamps" need some play to slide with the rear standard. Tightening down the two round knobs should secure them (and the rear standard). The small screws on the bottom side are not doing anything for my Tachihara. Maybe there to control the play, but I don't know.

Pronier Jean Claude
9-Feb-2008, 06:41
I've an Osaka 5x7 camera, a simple but very sturdy camera.
There is no play anywhere according to screws are normally blocked.
You should study thoroughly your camera and undersatand how it works.
The camera need to move forward the rear front when focal lenght is less than 250mm.

Brian Ellis
9-Feb-2008, 10:32
"I'm getting a bad feeling about this, but maybe I'm just expecting too much rigidity of this camera..."

Did you buy the camera new or used (sorry, I don't know whether Osakas are still made or not, my experience is with Tachiharas)? If used then it's possible that simple wear over time may have caused some slight looseness or play somewhere. But if the camera is new there shouldn't be any play anywhere, at least there never was with the two Tachiharas I've owned. Mine were very solid cameras.

9-Feb-2008, 21:12
Gregg bought the camera from me;

Gregg, I've noticed from time to time that I've needed to tighten that screw that you're referring to on the knob at the base of the rear standard.

I've never seen that the slight play had any effect on pictures, but I'll state again that I'll buy the camera and lens back from you if you decide that you're uncomfortable with it. No worries, I won't be offended if you decide against keeping it.

I definitely hope that you'll stay with Large Format, even if you do decide to return the camera to me. You website shows some beautiful work with smaller formats, and I would love to see you do some spectacular work with LF as well.

The back of the camera does indeed return to it's proper position once you insert the film holder, at least I've never had any focus problems with it.

I'm on the road for about 5 more weeks, but if you decide to return the camera just let me know, and once it makes its way back to my house, I can do a refund either with paypal or a check.

Good luck! Hope we can still get together and shoot in the spring.