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Steve Clark
14-Dec-2000, 22:17
How are the Apo-Artars for general use/landscape photography, and are they curre ntly in production?

Julio Fernandez
14-Dec-2000, 22:25
Steve: NO! but Rodesntock makes what I believe is the identical lens: the ApoRonar. Furthermore, the current ARs are multicoated. Apo Ronars in barrel mounts have also been discontinued. These are great lenses and I think the best currently available in small portable sizes and long focal lengths. For 4X5 you need at least a 300mm.

14-Dec-2000, 23:11
Apo Artars from 8.25" and up will cover 4x5. Mine (8.25") is from 1955, single-coated, and just incredible. Schneider was the last manufacturer of the "Artar" and I believe they manufactureed the last ones in the early 1990's.

Chad Jarvis
15-Dec-2000, 07:51
I concur with Wayne's opinion of Artars. I've owned a 450mm Goerz APO Artar which was an awesome semi-long lens for my 8x10 - sharp as a tack - and it was a late 70s vintage. The Schneiders should be only that much sharper. And if you have lots of bellows draw, these lenses SHINE for close-up work.

15-Dec-2000, 11:39

Check with B+H in NYC. They have two new Schneider Apo-Artars in their current listing:

240 mm F9 in Copal 1 for $1799 480 mm F11 in Copal 3 for $2995

15-Dec-2000, 22:07
Geoffrey - They've probably had them since 1992 - and at those prices they're likely to have them until 2092.