View Full Version : Kodak Ektar 101mm help

7-Feb-2008, 09:08
Hi all,

I have enjoyed shooting my 4x5 with a 150 for the last several years and have been wanting a wider angle. I have the oportunity to purchase this lens on the cheap, but I don't know if it will cover 4x5. It is in need of some tlc or at least a cla, but the glass looks good. (shutter sounds like it is the same at all settings)

Any information will be helpful.



Mark Sampson
7-Feb-2008, 09:13
The 101 Ektar was meant for 6x9cm- it won't cover 4x5. The Kodak lens that will cover is the 100mm f/6.3 Wide Field Ektar. Look on the front page of this site under "lenses" and you'll be able to track down a great deal of information on Kodak lenses (and many others as well).

7-Feb-2008, 14:26
Thanks Mark.

I looked at the Lenses section, tons of great info.