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Eugene van der Merwe
7-Feb-2008, 07:30
Hello to all,
I am new (give or take a week or so), and enjoying the discussions a great deal! So much in fact that it's taken me till now to get arpound to introducing myself...
My experience with large format is not extensive but i have been shooting 4 x 5 inch for a few years now, photographing mostly landscape work in colour.
I am considering upgrading to 8 x 10, but i'll first have to get that past my wife and figure out how to get my hands on film. Being from South Africa there is little equipment and supplies available, discussion or interest in the subject is also scarce so i almost find the forums a bit overwhelming!

I pay the bills by lecturing at a private photography college, and through a great deal of good fortune occasionally selling landscape prints to corporate companies.

Thanks to everyone for the intgeresting topics, and i hope to add to them!


Ron Marshall
7-Feb-2008, 08:11
Welcome to the forum Eugene! You have many beautiful locations for shooting in S.A. I visited a few years ago, unfortunately with only a 35mm.

Eugene van der Merwe
7-Feb-2008, 08:18
Thanks Ron! You should visit again, just be sure to bring enough film!

John Kasaian
7-Feb-2008, 08:36
Welcome aboard, Eugene!

9-Feb-2008, 01:14
Welcome Eugene. Greetings from México.

Ralph Barker
9-Feb-2008, 07:26
Welcome to the LF Forum, Eugene.

10-Feb-2008, 12:05
Welcome Eugene!

That's a great way to pay the bills ;)