View Full Version : negative carriers

6-Feb-2008, 23:50
looking for negative carrier for a zone vi type 1 enlarger, does a omega d series work ?

neil poulsen
7-Feb-2008, 00:07
I have a 5x7 Type 1 and checked it with a Omega D negative carrier.

The Omega carrier will cover the opening and fit flush against the Type I guides on the negative stage of the chassis. But, the negative will be far off center.

I'm thinking that you could probably contrive a jig out of hobby plywood or something. The jig could fit snug against the Type I guides, and it could hold the Omega carrier such that the negative would be centered. You could have two jigs, one for verticle and one for horizontal.

It would be best to have the (each) jig be recessed about 3/16", so that the Omega carrier would slip snugly down into the recess. In this way, the Type I head could be lowered onto the jig without having light spill out around the edges.

7-Feb-2008, 20:40
thanks for the advice. I just may do that.