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Richard Fish
16-Aug-1998, 15:08
Would appreciate experienced counsel from folks who have mounted a compendium lens hood on their 8x10 Deardorff. Thanks.

Peter Hughes
6-Sep-1998, 13:03
I own an 8x10 Deardorff and I can't imagine how one would attach a compendum to it. I simply shade the lens with the dark slide.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-Sep-1998, 02:41
If anyone could, it'd be Ken Hough (see 8 X 10 Deardorff this web page) Jack Dea rdorff (cf) Ron Wisner or Keith Canham. Whether the last two would be WILLING t o do it on a camera not of their making I don't know.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
20-Nov-1998, 23:52
This just in....

I just ran across a photo of Pault Strand with either an 8 X 10 or 11 X 14 Deardorff ( I can't tell if the camera is really big or if Strand is really small). He's got what looks like a compendium hood ala' the Lindahl Bellow Shade attached directly to the lens. It is a real compendium though, with a scissor hinge on the side to lend support in opening & closing it. Can't tell anything else about it but, it's something. Maybe one of the larger older camera stores with LF gear would know or maybe even have one....

Len Middleton
19-Jul-2010, 08:32
Just thought I would resurrect this old thread to provide one potential solution, particularly given a current thread on the subject.

This very much remains a work in progress, and I am looking at some additional refinements including lengthening the hood struts to centre it, and modifying the structs to lock in the down postion and swing up (as the hood mounting is upside down), and a front rectangular mask to make it more effective.

I purchased a Toyo View hood to use with my Deardorff, but coul not figure out how to mount it. I decided rather than a modifying the camera, I might be able to fabricate a sheet metal mount that would hold the hood, with a small sheet metal brake in the garage. In hind sight that was realistic, however my wife works next door to a sheet metal shop where they have all the necessary equipment, and more important the skills to use them (i.e. this is a job for a professional, don't try this at home). I described to them what I wanted to do and what some of the constraints were, and they did the rest.

I now need to figure out how to put up some images, back later...


Len Middleton
19-Jul-2010, 09:17
OK, now for some images:

The short of it:

The long of it (note the weight and distance of the Packard shutter box and 600mm Apo-Ronar CL on the front standard does cause it to move):

More information, following,


Len Middleton
19-Jul-2010, 09:19
And the bracket itself:

Len Middleton
19-Jul-2010, 09:30
OK, some details.

The bracket slips over the front standard, although there is potential for some loss of the finish if one is clumsy or the bracket is too tight. As my camera is a rough looking user, any loss of finish on the front standard will make the loss of finish on the camera more uniform.

The bracket is two pieces with the extension required for use with the Packard shutter box, but not required without it.

The system does not adjust for tilts, swings, shifts, or rises, although as a slip on it will rise up with the dedicated rise on the Deardorff. An alternate would be to use the slip on part of the bracket and use a Linhof conpendium system shade. My solution will be to use a front mask and mount it with velcro so that I can shift it up or down or control it through the amount of extension of the hood.

Please feel to ask any questions, and I will answer what I can,


13-Dec-2011, 02:57
That's great, Len. I might have to try that.

Peter Spangenberg
19-Dec-2011, 12:08
I remember a "FS" listing a few years ago by Will Whitaker who had photos of a beautiful detatchable compendium on a V8. The thought was that it was custom but made by Jack Deardorff. Here's the link to the ad:


The last post shows the only picture remaining (just the metal mounts visible). You may want to send him an email to see if he still has the photos of the camera/compendium and could share. Or possibly, he could put you in touch with whoever was lucky enough to buy that camera.

Len Middleton
28-Dec-2013, 07:15
As the pictures from this thread are no longer available, please see the following thread to view them: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?109534-compendium-shade-options-for-Deardorff-V8

Also helps to tie this two threads together in case anyone is trying to address the same situation...

Herb Cunningham
28-Dec-2013, 09:37
Never had a compendium as such, but the Lee wide filter holder did a great job. Large bellows and would fit any lens up to 105mm filter size.