View Full Version : Info on Used Omega 4x5 monorail cameras

Stuart Goldstein
27-Oct-1997, 13:52
I have an opportunity to purchase a used Omega camera. I'm new to LF and didn't find anything on the page about this camera. Is it any good? Has anybody any experience with it it? Thanks for any responses.

Michael Williams
23-Jan-1998, 13:40
Stuart, Yes, I have an Omega View 45F metal monorail camera. It is not fancy, but reaso nably well made. It is very much like an older bottom model Toyo View. In fact many parts WERE interchangeable. The model 45F can change to a bag bellows. T hough I would recommend the use of a recessed "toyo" lens board with a bag for w ide angle use. The model 45E has a non-removable bellows. I do not think that either of these cameras are still made. But they are similar to some toyos I've seen. They are best for use in the studio as they must be carried in a large b ox case. It is not convenient to back pack the 45F in to the field away from a vehicle. I have done it but I had to take the component parts apart. Very weir d! The camera is reasonably stable and rigid to use outdoors. It has full movem ents. I purchased mine around 1982 for $ 350.00. So, if you can buy one at a l ow price (today $ ?), IMHO, go for it. I am thinking of replacing mine with a g ood metal field camera as I like nature photography, say a K.B. Canham DLC.

N Dhananjay
21-Apr-1999, 17:25
i purchased a used omega 45e. i've had loads of fun with it. it is similar to to yo (i believe this was the firm which toyo bought over sometime back). by and la rge, most of the current toyo c modular system accessories work with these older cameras (although i find it a little expensive and end up fabricating my own so lutions to a lot of stuff). in fact, toyo is pretty good about helping out with any occasional problem you run into. the camera is pretty rigid. has plenty of m ovements and is quite easy to operate. its a tad on the heavy side (about 8lbs i would think) but i've still managed a bit of hiking with it. check the bellows to make sure they're in reasonable condition. hope this is useful and helps. dj