View Full Version : Grain Focusers and Magnifiers

Paul Mongillo
14-Dec-2000, 14:45
I constructed my own darkroom last winter and have been having a great time. It is so much better working when the creative juices are flowing instead of havin g to schedule a specific time at the local University lab. I am, however,having a problem focusing my enlargements. I have an el cheapo 12x Mini-Sight Grain f ocuser. My girlfriend and I have learned to hate it. I especially dislike it w hen working with t-max negatives, because I can't seen the grain. I obviously n eed a better device, but have not had much recent experience with anything else. They have these at the University lab also, but I was mostly shooting Tri-x th en and the grain was always clearly visable. It would be nice to have something that works in the corners also. I would love to hear what works for you folks. Thanks.

Trevor Crone
14-Dec-2000, 15:03
Paul, The Peak model 1 is the way to go, focuses right into the corners. Has a 1 0x optical system and is very positive in its focusing. I use their cheaper mode l 2 and is more then adequate for my needs but doesn't quite reach the corners.

For what its worth Devere engineers use the model 1 to align their enlargers. Regards,

Doremus Scudder
15-Dec-2000, 07:33
Paul, A quick second for the Peak enlarging magnifiers. Magna-Sight also makes a good image magnifier. Regards, ;^D)