View Full Version : Galvin 2X3

5-Feb-2008, 12:05
I have a simple question hope you can help out !
Can Mamiya RB backs be used on the Galvin 2 X 3?

John Ossi
6-Feb-2008, 07:01
Yes, RB67 backs work fine on Galvin. (Also Horseman and Graflex).

Sal Santamaura
6-Feb-2008, 11:18
Yes, but if they're the newer type with double-exposure interlocks, a simple modification is required. The plastic plate with lock rib must be removed, a small pivoting lever taken out and the plate replaced. It's a ten minute operation using jeweler's screwdrivers and readily reversible. Unless this is done you won't be able to advance the film.