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4-Feb-2008, 18:57
I plan to take this 220 film holder on vacation with me to use with my Tachihara 4x5. I do plan on getting a mf camera in the near future.
I shot a test roll and most of the frames overlap about 5 mm or so. The problem is less severe the further I get onto the roll, but still not great. I figured I loaded it incorrectly, so loaded another roll. This time taking care to ensure there was no slack. A plate ensures the film is flat against the opening. Same problems with this roll, but worse. The amount of overlap is not consistent, with some overlap about 5mm, others as much as 10mm.
I don't know if I am loading it wrong, or there is a problem with the winder.
I am hoping someone here has had experience with this.


Gary Beasley
4-Feb-2008, 19:07
Sounds like the frame counter is slipping. Needs a CLA.

4-Feb-2008, 21:15

4-Feb-2008, 21:16
Mine doesn't overlap, but the spaces between the frames have been inconsistent since the day I bought it brand new many years ago. Doesn't seem to relate to position on the roll as it varies widely across many rolls. Just in case it ever starts to overlap, I always crop generously on the images. Still a good product for the price.

Gary might be right that a good CLA might help.

4-Feb-2008, 21:19
I have several rolls of film that I want to use, so I thought I would just wind it twice between shots, and so I would only get about 10 images out of a roll. But at least there should not be overlapping.
By the way, thinking of getting a used Mamiya rz67 next month, so this is only a temporary problem

4-Feb-2008, 21:34
CLA= clean lube and adjust. Call Jose at Calumet's repair department to see if they still do this.