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3-Feb-2008, 13:08

My professor is letting me use her camera, and I have to turn it in soon. I have really enjoyed using it and would like to get the same model because I've gotten accustomed.

The camera does not have a model name/number, though. I've looked at the Calumet website and do not see it, though it looks similar to the 45N models.





Thank you for any help!

3-Feb-2008, 13:23
Looks like a somewhat older model. Try looking on ebay in the cameras and photo category and type in Calumet or possibly Cambo. There were several models that used the same lens boards and other accessories, so you may find what you are looking for under either name.

You'll likely have to find the lens as a separate item, so if you are wanting the exact same lens, write down the focal length and name plus f stop that are are on the front and search for that also.

Calumet itself sells a lot of used equipment and may have this camera under that part of their site.

You can always email them one of these images and ask them for the model ID number and then search other sources such as Midwest Photo and KEH, both of which carry large amounts of used large format gear.

Good luck.


3-Feb-2008, 14:20
That's a Calumet 540, I have an identical camera. A no frills workhorse, if you don't suffer from brand envy. :)

Alan Davenport
3-Feb-2008, 17:09
Yup. Calumet 540. I have one just like it only all black.

3-Feb-2008, 17:45
Wow! You guys are incredibly helpful, I found it on ebay too.
Thank you so much!

3-Feb-2008, 20:26
If the vertical columns and rail were black instead of silver, it would be pretty much identical to the 45 NX, if you are trying to match it. KEH had one for about $165 not long ago. There are probably details that distinguish the 540, 45NX and 45NX-II, but they are all Cambos and take the same backs, lensboards, and bellows.

3-Feb-2008, 21:13
Thats a nice price. The 45 NX comes with the rotating back? That's essential. I will look into those other models

David Karp
3-Feb-2008, 22:15
Yes. If it is really an NX it will have a revolving back.

The 45N will not have a revolving back. It has the standard reversing back. It also has a shorter rail than the 45NX.

The 45NX-II came later. It is a hybrid of the 45N and NX-II. I don't know all the details, but it has the reversing back, not the revolving back.

4-Feb-2008, 12:59
Hmmmm.. wasn't aware that the various NXs were identified with specific backs; that's potentially good to know.

On the other hand, both styles of back will fit either camera (or even go into the front standard!). It is probably important to verify which one any given used camera has, since it might not be "original" to the camera model.

There are usually quite a few Cambo items floating around, with the exception of the 5x7 reducing back for the 8x10s, which Calumet seems not to have imported. A really good deal on a non-rotating back camera might justify supplementing it with a rotating back; I picked one up to use on an 8x10 reduction adapter, and got the back, fresnel, and ground glass for about what I would have expected to pay for the groundglass alone.

6-Feb-2008, 11:50
Jonis: Go for the Calumet/cambo 45NX , I just got one and fell thru the floor , with all its features on it , and it breakes down real small , Mine has a 21 inch rail and bellows open to about 18/19 inches: Sorry I shot it upside down but can see it stands by its self: :) have fun I know I will:\\Lauren

6-Feb-2008, 11:53
Reading this thread makes me miss my 45N .... but only a little :)