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Capitan Krayola
2-Feb-2008, 13:32
Hi, I have a 20 year old Horseman 4x5 camera and I would like to know if I could attactch my nikon dslr body to it.. I dont know much about the model of my camera but I know that it is L shaped.. so I hope someone can help me.

Ted Harris
2-Feb-2008, 13:45
The answer is yes but you can't do it directly. There are several companies that make a solution for you. The first is an inexpensive attachment that you can find on eBay. I don't recall the details, someone else might. Next up the line is is the offering from Camera Fusion www.camerafusion.com for around $1500. There are others but they keep going up in price.

2-Feb-2008, 15:07
Check with SKGrimes at www.skgrimes.com -they do serious LF camera mods and might be able to put together an adaptor back to fit the Nikon mount to a Horseman/Sinar lensboard or some similar scheme. I haven't worked with the Horseman, so mabe the back is fit together differently, but there's a way somehow.

I've kept an old low quality teleconvertor around to scavenge the nikon mount for just such an adventure. A teleconverter or an extension tube can provide the bayonette mount.



Richard Kelham
2-Feb-2008, 17:24
There is someone in China advertising a relatively cheap adaptor on eBay about $200 US. See http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Moveable-Adapter-Fits-Nikon-Camera-To-4x5-Camera_W0QQitemZ140203602624QQihZ004QQcategoryZ627QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
(I hope the URL works if it doesn't look for item 140203602624 on UK eBay).


Ted Harris
2-Feb-2008, 18:31
That's the Chinese adapter I was talking about. It's basic and gets the job done. Thee are reasons to go with something more sophisticated in terms of image quality.

Capitan Krayola
2-Feb-2008, 19:13
Thanks everyone.. But will it give a good image quality.. Does someone have some images taken with that chinese adapter

2-Feb-2008, 19:26
Why not just put some 4x5 film in the camera? That will yield the best image quality from that camera. It's not hard. It's actually quite a lot of fun. Be careful-you may get spoiled.

Capitan Krayola
2-Feb-2008, 19:39
where can I buy some film???????????
Anyone here own a chinese adapter.. I would like to see some images taken with it

2-Feb-2008, 23:54

Your camera sounds like an earlier version of the LX, which is a terrific studio camera.

I agree with Wayne... if you're using this camera to obtain maximum quality and the movements that go with it, why not just shoot 4x5?

As for film... you don't say where you live but 4x5 film is readily available on the internet at places like MidWest Photo, Badger Graphics, or B&H Photo. All are very reliable and provide great service.

Give it a try and you'll be hooked... especially after you look at a 4x5 and compare it with a 35mm neg/pos. :)

At any rate... welcome to the world of LF photography.


Capitan Krayola
3-Feb-2008, 06:27
Thanks Capocheny.. well I think I will buy the adapter anyway to see how it works.. But I think ill buy some film too.. Thanks

Ted Harris
3-Feb-2008, 07:18
I can tell you that the adapter won't give you near the quality of 4x5 film. I have done some testing of the more precisely built Camera Fusion adapter and the results were nice but not the same as 4x film. Additionally, using an adapter will require you to take 20+ shots with the adapter back, moving it precisely after each shot and then stitch them together.

Capitan Krayola
3-Feb-2008, 07:35
Hey Ted, Could you show me some images taken with the Camera Fusion adapter.. or if you could send them to my e-mail: dc_martinez38@yahoo.com


3-Feb-2008, 08:25
4x5 film is easy to find. Freestyle Photo is another online source for film and chemicals. A GOOGLE search for 4x5 film suppliers will bring up pages. Processing is easy. If you have a dark space start with trays. Cheap & easy. Once hooked, you can proceed to daylight tanks if you like.

4-Feb-2008, 11:53
We have some sample images posted on our website.


they can be examined at 100% using zoomify.

best regards,

Ole Tjugen
4-Feb-2008, 11:59
To compare this to an image on LF film, check out http://www.bruraholo.no/images/Lodalen.html