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1-Feb-2008, 07:38
Well, I've lurked around here for almost 2 years now, but never posted a thing because I did not have an LF camera. But thanks to many wicked people flaunting thier LF images (yea, that's you Church Project guys!), I succumbed to temptation and recently acquired a lovely 8x10 (thank you, Mr. Galli!). Still need a lens and tripod, but I expect to be burning some big film before too long.....

Anyway, I'm in the Houston area, currently teaching photography at a community college, shooting a Rolleiflex, and learning about this tilt and swing thing. ;)

matthew blais
1-Feb-2008, 07:51
Hiya Valerie...those Texas guys are notorious for that...even have notches on their belts for getting others hooked on LF.

Enjoy the 8x10

John Kasaian
1-Feb-2008, 07:54
Welcome aboard from a rainy Fresno, CA!

Mike Castles
1-Feb-2008, 08:13
I have no knowledge of what Valerie is talking about :D

Welcome Valerie, this is a really great group and they have a lot to offer.

Can't wait to see some of the LF work from you.

Scott Davis
1-Feb-2008, 08:45
Welcome from Washington DC!

Diane Maher
1-Feb-2008, 21:35
Hi Valerie! Welcome to the site. What focal length lens are you interested in?

Ralph Barker
1-Feb-2008, 22:06
Welcome to the "official" side of the forum, Valerie. And, congrats on the 8x10.

Alex Hawley
1-Feb-2008, 22:48
I have no knowledge of what Valerie is talking about :D

And Castles is one of the infamous Usual Suspects! :rolleyes:

Hi Valerie! Glad to see you here.

2-Feb-2008, 11:03
But thanks to many wicked people flaunting thier LF images (yea, that's you Church Project guys) ...

Valerie, Valerie, Valerie. I keep telling everyone it's (LF) a cult! :eek:

I'm still shooting roll film and have not "succumbed".

Darren H
2-Feb-2008, 14:00
Welcome from another Texan.

Get that lens, buy some film and get out there making images. You are gonna love it.

An if you want to really put that new camera to good use, get out to Big Bend.


2-Feb-2008, 15:04
Thanks everyone! THink I know a few of you from apug ;)

Not sure about that yet.... lenses are what I am reading up on now. But I do tend to like to get up close to stuff......

Joe Forks
5-Feb-2008, 15:36
Can't have too many Texans!
Welcome Valerie!


Clay Turtle
14-Aug-2008, 04:23
Val, thank you for your contribution to my project & so it goes without saying "how is your project going . . . Burned any LF yet?" I have been shooting some with 4x5 => 5x7 is where I am at the present. Along with 35mm that I carry for snap shooting but I am still interested in the move to 8x10. Although it has ulterior modaviations in I want to try 5x8 & 4x10 as alternates as based on the 8x10 format.

MIke Sherck
14-Aug-2008, 05:43
How on Earth did you manage to get away from Jim without also acquiring a lens? Are the little green men sight-seeing somewhere else in the cosmos at the moment? :)

Personally, I'm a big fan of digital photography. If there hadn't been that big rush to lousy quality I'd never have been able to afford large format cameras and lenses. :)