View Full Version : Center Filter with Lee System

john collins
1-Feb-2008, 07:24
I am in the midst of sorting out the purchase of a compendium shade and also filters. The Lee system is attractive because it goes with lenses and is not specifically designed for a camera brand. Can a center filter be used with Lee compendium shades?

Daniel Geiger
1-Feb-2008, 08:24
Not with all lenses. I have a 90 XL with CF and that center filter does not have a front thread, hence you cannot add the adapter ring. That is why I got a camera specific compendium. For the 90 XL w/o CF you can use the shade with the special 110 mm filter holder, but then you cannot attach the CF.

Larry Menzin
1-Feb-2008, 10:34
Lee has a slip-on filter holder that fits over the outside rim of some center filters. It has a 100mm opening with a special 10mm donut ring to reduce the opening to 90mm. I use it with the 67mm Rodenstock center filters that have an outer thread of 86mm and an outer ring diameter of 90mm. It slips over the outer ring of the center filter, putting the filter very close to the lens when using wide angle lenses. I use it on my Rodenstock 35mm, 55mm and 75mm lenses.

11-Feb-2008, 04:41
Hey that's great info Larry!

Any idea what the 10mm donut part number is - say at B&H or somewhere similar?