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John Berry
31-Jan-2008, 15:10
I just picked up a new toy. I have a vade mecum, but I don't know where to start with this one. Just developed first neg. It's drying now so I haven't been able to loupe it yet. I can see it's no Dagor but looks like it might be interesting. Sharper than I thought it would be. Image stays pretty sharp out to about 3/4 inch from image circle. IC cuts in about 1 1/2 in in from the corner of 8x10. I thought it might be a fuzzy as the stops go from 4-11. But the mounting tang on the apature ring says prosses, but I would have thought smaller apatures would be provided if that was the case. In the light source reflections The one on the right, large source is on top, and left appears to be from the bottom.

Dan Fromm
31-Jan-2008, 16:26
Not process (that's how the word is spelled), aerial camera. Ross Wide angle Xpres with EMI for Extra Marginal Illumination. Uncoated 6/4 plasmat, covers 80 degrees.

I got one from Surplus Shed for $10; they sold it as an enlarging lens. Mine is poor. Lotta flare, and doesn't get very sharp even stopped down all the way to f/11.

John Schneider
31-Jan-2008, 16:35
In your first pic you can see the A(crown)M for Air Ministry; this was used for photorecon in WW II.

John Schneider
31-Jan-2008, 17:48
Fyi, the US also used these lenses in the F-46 (6x18cm) torpedo bomber training camera, e.g., see feebay item # 270207333140.

John Berry
31-Jan-2008, 20:20
Thanks for the info. It does have noticeable flare, but I was shooting into the light sorta. Thanks for correcting my spelling. I know how it's spelled, just fupdup. Got this one for a sawbuck also. Has slight bloom but decent glass overall. Here is the image from my back deck. Nice to have a test area like that. Detail would be life size for 50" wide print. 100 PPI

2-Feb-2008, 15:31
Looks like you're really pushing the humble Ross lens John. It covers 5x4 with movements. There were various modifications of this lens over its lifespan - a good clean one in England sells for £20-50 depending on its age and condition. They are sharp and decent, although the simpler four element equivalent 5" is smaller; sharper, more compact, usually shutter mounted, less flare prone and costs only marginally more.

Dan's spot on (how can you not be, reading from a Vade Mecum all the time) - the Air Ministry offloaded loads of these. They turn up so frequently on auction sites, it's hard not to ignore them.