View Full Version : Does anyone have experience shooting a 135 Optar w/ color film?

Wayne Crider
13-Dec-2000, 19:06
I am wondering if this uncoated lens has color film potential for use in an upco ming trip. My schedule precludes teating it.

Doug Paramore
13-Dec-2000, 23:21
Wayne: The Optar is a Tessar design and is acceptably sharp and contrasty. However, I would hesitate to use it as my only color lens if it is not coated. The problem is that uncoated lenses can flare the dominate color in a scene, giving an overall color cast in some instances. If it's your only choice, go for it, but I would try and find a more modern coated lens for the color work. Most lenses made since WWII are coated, so it's an older Optar. Hope this helps,

Ron Shaw
14-Dec-2000, 12:11
By all means, shoot color. I have an old uncoated 162mm Optar, and it produces wonderfully saturated chromes. It does suffer from a lack of contrast in a backlit situation, but that is only a small percentage of my shots. You need not fear uncoated lenses for color work.