View Full Version : Air bulb releases for Compound shutters

Diane Maher
31-Jan-2008, 06:29
I have several lenses whose shutters will not accept a contemporary cable release. Is there a source to obtain air bulbs and tubing?

31-Jan-2008, 06:59
I bought a very cheap air bulb for blood pressure meters on ebay (~$3). It works well with Packard #6.

31-Jan-2008, 08:05
I picked up a complete sphygnomometer from a local drug store for less than $10 just to get the hose and bulb.

31-Jan-2008, 08:40

If you can't find anything locally, go to http://packardshutter.com/ . I have a couple of their air bulbs and find them more satisfactory than the medical variety.

Ernest Purdum
31-Jan-2008, 09:38
If you email me your mailing address, I'll send you a bulb and some tubing no charge. How much tubing do you want?