View Full Version : There's two 150mm APO Lanthars for silly money

Vick Ko
31-Jan-2008, 05:07
There's two 150mm APO Lanthars for silly money on that auction site.

Wow - wish I held onto mine.


Ole Tjugen
31-Jan-2008, 06:04
They always go for silly money.

I'm glad I held onto mine - it's scratched, so it's far more valuable as a user lens than as a collector's item.

Jim Rice
31-Jan-2008, 11:47
Damn, Ole. Is there some lens that you don't own an example of? :p

Ole Tjugen
31-Jan-2008, 14:34
Oh yes Jim - just about anything modern! :)

I'm fairly well covered with the major types from 1840 up to about 1940; but post-WWII I only have a few "users", most of them from the 60's and 70's.

31-Jan-2008, 16:00
Silly? Have you looked at the price of new Rodenstock and Schneider 150mm APO lenses? By comparison the APO-Lantars will be a bargain.