View Full Version : If anyones awake can you tell me if sinar f1

25-Aug-1998, 00:42
Can anyone tell me if a sinar f1 will collapse enough to fit well into a decent sized bookbag (backpack).



Ellis Vener
25-Aug-1998, 02:23
Do you own a six inch extention rail? If so leave, the rail clamp mounted on th e tripod head, and slide the standards together. Still pretty bulky right? Now d on't you wish you had gotten the Arca Swiss F-C instead?

Another snot-nosed
28-Aug-1998, 11:10
He's right; you can't compress the Sinar down to less than six inches. Of course , then it comes time to unpack the camera and USE it, and that's when you'll wis h you had Sinar's two-point focusing system, which makes finding the ideal plane of focus at least twice as fast as with any other camera, especially in low lig ht (which happens a lot). Or maybe something will break, in which case you'll wi sh you had Sinar's excellent support instead of Arca-Swiss's anemic help, for wh ich even its dealers apologize (see www.thefstop.com).

Bottom line: My own and the previous poster's snottiness aside (and, as usual, e veryone will just encourage you to buy what they own already, because it reassur es them they made the right decision), you have to decide whether you spend more time carrying the camera or looking through it; each person's needs are differe nt depending on how much hiking and what kind of photography they do, and no cam era is without tradeoffs. The more compact a camera folds, the more time it take s to set up. I carry my 7 lb. Sinar set up, so it's ready to take pictures withi n seconds. But I don't do much hiking in rough terrain; if you do, your camera s hould be folded up and protected in your backpack.

When I see snotty posts like the above, I worry that this will become a usenet-l ike "Canon vs. Nikon" forum like photo.net has become lately, devolving into a b unch of pissing wars over whose "equipment" is better. Let's hope not.