View Full Version : Shoot in Mexicon and Guatemala

29-Jan-2008, 13:18

I've got a shoot in Mexico and Guatemala next week. Do I need any AC adapters for my battery chargers, laptop, etc...or are the outlets down there the same three-prong 120VAC as North America?


30-Jan-2008, 13:05
The outlets are the same as North American outlets. Actually I just saw this which says they generally aren't grounded (ie, no third prong) and they also aren't polarized (ie, both prongs are the same width):


I had no problems charging my DSLR batteries in Belize and Mexico which I think are the same, and I didn't buy an adapter. If you've got grounded chargers, or your laptop, you probably could use a converter.

Jorge Gasteazoro
30-Jan-2008, 14:28
It depends, if you will be staying at a good hotel, then you have no worries they are all up to current codes. The problem starts when you stay at old hotels that were not built with the current codes.

All of the modern hotels will have polarized, grounded three prong outlets, 120 V 60 Mhz.