View Full Version : What kind fo camera in 1906?

Joseph O'Neil
29-Jan-2008, 06:21
I got this link today off slashdot.org

Kite Photography Page
The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

In short, after the 1906 earthquake, a LF camera was used on a series of kites to take aerial photographs of the aftermath of the quake. Some samples of the actual photographs are given, but no information on the camera, lens, film used. Any guesses?

29-Jan-2008, 07:21
The page mentions Lawrence so I'm guessing it is the same or similar to the one mentioned here (http://www.ronkleinphotos.com/Lawrence.html) warning this is a very slow page. This link was actually just posted in another thread.

Edit: more info http://www.bigshotz.co.nz/george_lawrence.html

Jim Galli
29-Jan-2008, 07:25
Here's a link (http://robroy.dyndns.info/lawrence/landscape.html) with some more info. It's a swing lens type camera that creates a 24X48" negative iirc. It was re-created for a 2006 photo from the same place, a 100 year re-enactment. I believe they used a 19" Dagor on the new camera. Ron Klein of Alaska was the driving force and there was quite a team involved. They used a helicopter for the re-do, not kites. The whole feat was phenomenal in 1906. The circuit to trip the camera shutter was nuts for 1906.

Ron's site was down this morning but he's easy to find on google and you can read about the re-enactment and new camera. The resolution in the 2006 picture is just nuts.