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29-Jan-2008, 04:33
This is amazing (http://www.ronkleinphotos.com/Lawrence.html).

Ole Tjugen
29-Jan-2008, 04:50
What is?

I get only "Service Unavailable".

Joanna Carter
29-Jan-2008, 05:16
It seems like a horrendously slow site. Repeated attempts will yield a page but I have never managed to get a full page to appear.

Michael Nagl
29-Jan-2008, 05:21
And now letīs drive that server insane by all trying at once! All I saw when zooming in was growing pixels. Looks like they made the picture with a cellphone?

29-Jan-2008, 06:40
So a guy named "Lou" comes to the site.

His first post is to send us to another site for a guy named "Ron".


29-Jan-2008, 07:44
It is supposed to be the Ron Klein site. The cached copy on Google is working but very slow.

Ron Klein was the guy who recreated the giant kite photos Lawrence did of San Francisco. There is another thread around there about the same thing...

29-Jan-2008, 08:44
Here's a link to the original 1906....


John Kasaian
29-Jan-2008, 09:08
Alas my 'puter dosen't like the pictures---I just get blanks with little white squares with a little red "X" in them :(

29-Jan-2008, 10:07
I think the website is badly overloaded. Maybe try again in a couple of days...

29-Jan-2008, 10:13
How about telling us why this is so amazing? And why are you posting it here?

30-Jan-2008, 10:40

The original idea, back in 1906, sounds amazing to me : this ultra large format hanging from a kite just to take a picture of a devastated city, it sounds very audacious to me.
Why should I post this here ? Not sure actually. I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome. Any way I can remove this post to keep you folks happy ?

Joanna Carter
30-Jan-2008, 11:26
Woa Lou, I, for one would have been fascinated to see the website, had it been working. I have a friend in France who has also tried this kind of thing. Unfortunately, there are always some folks in any newsgroup who express contempt or frustration without thinking :confused:

30-Jan-2008, 14:52
They used a helicopter instead of a kite as in the original!
That's a major difference.

Also George Lawrence used a special lens that he had made with an aperture diaphram that kept both the foreground and the background sharp, if I remember right.

31-Jan-2008, 00:58
Yes, the helicopter kills a bit the beauty of it.

31-Jan-2008, 04:07

THANKS for posting. The link worked fine for me and it's a great piece of work those people did. The detail in the photograph is amazing with that Dagor lens. I was really interested to read all about it.

Best wishes


Randy H
31-Jan-2008, 04:37
Lou, the link and pics worked great for me. Don't know what their problem is.
Operator interface errors?
That is kinda neat, 'specially the camera. You are right though. It would have been even cooler if they had "kited" it this time too. (cooler?? kited??? Are those good wurds?) Anyways, thanks for the link. I enjoyed it.
I didn't realize there was a group of kite-flyer photogs. Especially larger cameras.
Any on here attempt kite-pics? Especially LF?
Anybody got one of their Chamonix cams they want to donate for such a project? I got a Shrek kite from walmart i could use...

31-Jan-2008, 08:00
You are probably going to need a few of those Shrek kites to make a lifting train...

As far as using a helicopter in a modern recreation, for safety reasons and just plain ability to get it done makes sense. I could imagine to get the heavy lift kites up you would need a good open area with the appropriate wind speed. Perhaps that open area that Lawrence used doesn't exist any more.

Not that you couldn't work out the physics of it but if somebody made a mistake or an accident happened an uncontrolled crash of a heavy kite train and camera into a populated area would be just about the last thing the recreator's would want to deal with. Not that helicopters don't crash either.

steve barry
31-Jan-2008, 08:57
that is really cool. killer photo too.

thanks LOU!

12-Feb-2012, 07:33
Bumping this back up. The Mail Online has posted an article with a bunch of George Lawrence's SF earthquake photos, here: A city in ruins: Stunning photo taken from kite that captures devastation from 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Apparently his 1906 earthquake photos earned him $15,000 at the time.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2099768/A-city-ruins-Stunning-photo-captures-devastation-San-Francisco-earthquake-1906.html#ixzz1mB7ieyIN

Peter Mounier
12-Feb-2012, 08:43
Never mind

Michael Clark
12-Feb-2012, 14:12
The new photograph has really fine detial, the old lens kicks ass. Looks like the film is mounted in a semi circle!! Thanks for posting.