View Full Version : Centre filter for 150 Super Symmar HM

27-Jan-2008, 15:53
Hello, another thread on centre filters prompted me to post. I have been using my 150Super Symmar HM with lots of shift/rise with my TK45 with the inevitable light fall off. So far I have always compensated for this using ND graduated filters, however it has occurred to me that a centre filter might make my life a little easier (and save me from making too many mistakes). Does anyone know if a specific centre filter was made for this lens or if not whether one for another lens might work?

Many thanks

David Whistance

Peter K
27-Jan-2008, 16:37
Hi David,
the Super Symmar HM 150mm can be used with the centre filter IV together with an intermediate ring M 77x0.75 to M 82x0.75. It's the same combination as for the Super-Angulon f8/120mm.
Peter K

28-Jan-2008, 02:34
Peter, many thanks for the information. I'll look out for one.


28-Jan-2008, 06:34
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