View Full Version : Kodak PLUS-X Aerographic Film 2402

27-Jan-2008, 15:25
Anyone using this film for non-aerial uses? Can you tell me equivalent ISO for metering purposes? The kodak website lists the ISO-A of 200, is there a conversion to land based ISO? What about processing the film? Developer, time, temp? Any info would be awesome.

John Kasaian
27-Jan-2008, 16:25
This according to MR FOTO:

ISO 125 small rolls in short lengths up to 5-1/2' with agitation at 30 second intervals
d-76 (1:1) 6.5 min. @70 deg F
HC-110 (dil B) 4.5 min. @ 70 deg F
Microdol X (1:3) 11 min. @ 70 deg. F

For large film tanks, roll or sheet with agitation at 1 min. intervals
d-76 (1:1) 8 min. @ 70 deg F
Microdol X (1:3) 14 min. @ 70 deg. F
HC-110 (dil B) 5 min.@ 70 deg. F

For sheets in trays with cotinuous agitation
d-76 5.75min. @ 70 deg. F
HC-110 4 min. @70 deg. F
Microdol X 4min. @ 70 deg. F

Dev. times less than 5 minutes should be avoided

I hope that helps! :)

John Bartley
28-Jan-2008, 05:42
I'm cutting my 9.5"x125' rolls down to 9.5"x8" and using it as 8"x10" (with the curl into the emulsion it is stiff enough to stay flat in the holder without falling out).

I'm rating mine at ISO25.

I develop mine in D-D23, 5 minutes in "A" and 4 minutes in "B" for contact printing on AZO. This gives me print exposure times of 60 to 90 seconds under a 10W halogen light at about 24"-30".


30-Jan-2008, 12:02
I have not found an ISOA to ISO equivalence.
But I did examine the Kodak tech sheets for contrast index. Aerial CIs are 2-3x pictorial CIs and EI is affected inversely- 1/3 to 1/2- when development is cut to reduce CI. My experience is with cut down film in ancient cameras, so who can tell what the actual shutter speeds were, but I found that "EI" of 100 or so seemed to work adequately. EI 25-125 as a start should get you close for a second try, depending on everything else :>)

Chris Pandino
30-Jan-2008, 17:34
I use an EI of 25 in D76 1+1 for about 8-9min @ 68F. It seems to work well most of the time. I usually use this film with my barrel lenses and my exposure times are very imprecise.

Jim Galli
30-Jan-2008, 18:08
I rate mine at 125 just like any other plus X. Ignorance is bliss. Where it deviates wildly is if you use red filters. It's a lot more red sensitive than ordinary Plus X.