View Full Version : Mounting a 240/9 Gerogon to a Sinar lensboard

Matt Blaze
27-Jan-2008, 13:37
I recently picked up a 240/9 APO-Gerogon process / enlarger lens that I hope to use for macro work with my (4x5) Sinar. I don't need a shutter (I'll use it primarily with a betterlight back or with flash) so I avoid the main difficulty of using such lenses. But I'm still not sure how to go about getting the thing mounted to a Sinar board.

My lens has the retaining clip/collar, which I assume just allows direct mounting to a board with the proper size hole. Is that correct? And is there a standard size board that for this lens that I'm likely to be able to find used, or will I need to drill a board with a custom hole?

Apologies for the ill-informed question, but I've never worked with lenses without standard Copal shutter fittings before.



Gene McCluney
27-Jan-2008, 17:30
In general "barrel" mount lenses do not conform to the hole dimensions for the popular Copal 0,1 & 3 shutters. You will have to drill a custom hole, most likely. Your retaining "clip" can be either a "jam nut" which fits on the back of the lens after it is stuck thru the hole in the lensboard and tightens down to hold the len on the board, or it could be in the form of a "lens flange" which has holes around its edge, and is designed to be mounted on the front of the lensboard with screws, or in the case of a metal lens board like the Sinar..machine screws and nuts. In this type of mount, the lens screws into the lens flange after the flange is mounted.

Matt Blaze
28-Jan-2008, 08:15
Thanks Gene. So I guess I'll need to just drill a custom hole.