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Joseph Weiler
26-Jan-2008, 17:55
Can anyone suggest were we can get a repalcement Dust Filter for a Durst UT-100 Film Dryer?

Is there a Durst distributor in the USA?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


Jan Pedersen
26-Jan-2008, 18:41
As you may already know, Durst is no longer in business at least making enlargers and other darkroom gear. There is a couple of sources though and one of them is Jensen in Hillsboro OR. Give him a call or check his web site. http://www.jensen-optical.us/imagine_2007.htm

Dave Brown
27-Jan-2008, 11:43
I found a replacement filter for a window air conditioner that is made out of what appears to be an identical material. It is easily cut with scissors, and one air conditioner filter yields many durst filters. Try Wirlpool part #876775 (no guaranty that this is a good part number).

Joseph Weiler
31-Jan-2008, 14:42
Thank you for your info!

Keeping a darkroom running is becoming more challenging.

I was able to reach Durst at


To have a filter shipped to USA would cost $69. US Dollars so I went to an industrial supplier www.grainger.com and purchased material for $1.20

Best, Joseph