View Full Version : PMK stock solution

25-Jan-2008, 12:02
My PMK stock solution has been sitting under my kitchen sink for a while. I bought it a bit over a year ago, and used a decent portion of it. It went unused for a good 7 months, and yesterday I pulled it out to do some developing and I noticed that some crystals had formed in the bottom of the part B solution. I shook the bottle for a good few minutes, and they didn't go away. I've never noticed any crystals in the solution before. Is that something to be concerned about? I've been told the stock solutions have a shelf life of quite a while. I developed a few quick test negatives and they looked okay, but I haven't printed them yet. Should I just blow $25 for a new bottle? Or just not worry about it? Thanks for the help.

Eric Woodbury
25-Jan-2008, 12:34
I had the same problem. Now I weigh out dry chems to make part B just before development. 6 grams per liter.

Would it matter? Probably not much. Think about how much Kodalk is in solution compared to how much is out. Mostly, it is in solution. If you have the dry chems, weigh it out dry and don't worry about it.