View Full Version : How Many Holders for 16x20 / 20x24 ?

Richard K.
25-Jan-2008, 10:53
Those of you using these big formats, how many holders are sufficing? Considering cost of film, etc., would ONE do? What's the most you've shot in one day? Inquiring mind wonders...

-Richard, still freezing in Etobicoke

Monty McCutchen
25-Jan-2008, 11:24
I have a 20 x 24 with a 16 x 20 reducing back. Sick I know. I have two film holders each for both formats and a wet plate holder as well for the 20 x 24 which has plexi reducing inserts for smaller glass plates and tintypes. I have not felt the need to shoot more than eight shots in a day (four for the 20 x 24 then switch the back and four 16 x 20's and even then I have only done that twice!). Adding in the process of loading the film holders and I would say three for each format would be optimal but two has been an excellent number for me.

Of course the wet plate holder is a one off process so when I shoot wet plate the one is all I need.

FP4 when ordered through the once a year order runs about 23 dollars a sheet give or take (or so says my memory, after I pay for it I try to forget that as quickly as possible so I will shoot the damn thing with some sense of joyful abandonment when the vision calls, not to be confused with thoughtless shutter tripping)

And as an answer to your other post I am soon to turn 42 years of age.

aka Zebra