View Full Version : Dallmeyer No. 3 Rectilinear specifics?

25-Jan-2008, 08:32
I just got a brass Dallmeyer number 3 Rectilinear. I've gotten the serial number matched to 1885. I believe there were two types of rectilinear, this one does not say "rapid". One person with the serial number list suggested it is a "wide", I guess as in wide angle. Does anyone know anything about this lens? It has waterhouse stops and no marking as to coverage. I'm thinking I could use it for landscapes.

Gordon Moat
25-Jan-2008, 12:15

Maybe this page can help you a bit. Sometimes really old information is tough to find on the internet. When I researched my old Holmes, Booth & Haydens, I ended up at the downtown library to figure it out.


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25-Jan-2008, 20:12
Thanks and you're right. I'm finding very little about this lens. I think it is made for landscapes, and may cover 13 x 18. I'm sure it will work for half plate!

Jon Wilson
25-Jan-2008, 20:32
I am not certain, how your Dallmeyer No. 3 differs from mine which is marked 3D, but mine is also maked as a 12x10 f6.3 lens. The rear cell also has 4 notches which are used as marks to measure a varying degree of sharpness/difusion.

25-Jan-2008, 20:42
Thanks, this one is different than a 3D petzval. I don't have it in hand yet, but it's short and squat in the auction 320207713485 picture. It says "rectilinear no. 3" and has a US patent and date.

Ole Tjugen
26-Jan-2008, 08:04
With an 1868 patent date and an 1885 serial number, it would be a wide angle Rectilinear. The "Rectilinear Landscape" was patented in 1887.

If it's the same as was sold in 1888, No. 3 would be a 13" lens for plates up to 18x16".

27-Jan-2008, 08:03
Thank you Ole, good info as always.

8-Feb-2008, 18:41
Got the lens, looks very wide both by the hemispherical objective, and held up to my ground glass. Nice glass.


Ole Tjugen
9-Feb-2008, 08:10
It's good to see that it does indeed look like a wide-angle rectilinear. :)